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One-Click Rebalancing
See automated suggestions for asset relocation in a matter of seconds to make your portfolio management truly effortless.
CeFi & DeFi Trading
Seamlessly execute trades on CEXes & DEXes. Use protocols like Uniswap, Curve, GMX and Aave to reach your goals.
360º Portfolio Overview
CeFi & DeFi with graphs that you actually understand. We support all major exchanges & numerous protocols to help you keep track of your funds and earnings
Data Import & Export
Fan of “exotic” protocols? Simply upload your trades & transfers data for analytics. Need your data for tax purposes? Just export it in any suitable form.
Risk Management
Easily assess risk exposures across various liquidity venues. Reduce your risk with transaction simulations, before you execute on-chain.
Detailed Reporting
Receive updates to your portfolio, such as PNL reports, shifts in balance + risk exposure

Why ChainBrain?

We create highly customisable software solutions for seamless & efficient portfolio management that saves your time and money.

Intuitive User Interface

No more cluttered UI and time wasted on searching for that one button. Simple. Clean. Just the way you want it.

Automated Rebalancing

See suggestions for your optimal portfolio reallocation in real-time with one click.

We’re not just another software company. We’re your strategic partners in maximizing your crypto investment potential. Our software doesn’t just save you time and money — it brings sanity and peace of mind back into your professional life.


Q3 2023


Data Import & Export


CeFi & DeFi Overview





Q4 2023


Robust Portfolio Optimisation


CeFi & DeFi execution


CeFi — DeFi transfers

Q1 2024


Liquid Pool Overview


Liquid Pool Staking


Lending Protocol Watcher



Christian Unger

CEO & Founder

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In Crypto since 2011





Super Powers:

magic mathematics skills
behind our rebalancing algorithm


Which chains are supported?

We support all main EVM-compatible chains. However we always can add other chains on request.

How long does a rebalance take?

Depending on Market Conditions and Volume of the rebalance it can take a few seconds to minutes.

Is my portfolio rebalanced automatically?

Yes, we do offer an automatic rebalancing option to either change the whole strategy or make custom new allocations supported by our optimal allocation execution system and define a custom rebalance schedule. However you can always chose to manually rebalance your portfolio whenever you like.

What strategy do you use for Portfolio optimization?

We implemented a selection of different portfolio optimization algorithms, including classical mean-variance optimization, robust portfolio optimization and more. There is also the possibility to integrate your personal view by using the Black-Litterman-Model. If you prefer to have a conservative portfolio strategy you can use an ETF-like Strategy Like our marketcap weighted index.

What are the costs of rebalancing?

The costs depend on the fees of the exchanges involved. Costs are shown for each individual rebalancing event.

What is your pricing?

We keep it transparent and understandable: one-time setup cost charge for the Implementation at your site. After that we only charge a yearly licensing fee and no additional fees. The only other fees you may experience are transaction fees or trading fees from the trading marketplaces you are using.

What other trading strategies does ChainBrain support?

We allow our customer to define arbitrary trading strategies. At the same time we equip user with a vast variety of strategies: from simple ones (e.g. DCA) to more complex ones, combining CEXes with on-chain protocols. Just tell us more about your specific goals and we’ll provide you the tools needed to reach them.

Is ChainBrain Custodial?

No, ChainBrain is 100% non-custodial. We never store or share your sensitive data, private keys or seed phrases.